LMI Bulletin North East (Issue 397)

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LMI Bulletin North East (Issue 397)

Job Gains and Losses

Ward Recycling is opening a new paper recycling plant on land next to Windemere Road in Hartlepool. It is looking for drivers, plant mechanics and material handlers (Gazette Live)

Retailer Greenwoods has closed all its stores in the UK including the store in The Bridges shopping centre in Sunderland (Chronicle Live)


Northern School of Art
A planning application has been submitted for a film and TV production facility in Hartlepool. While many films (Get Carter, Macbeth, Atonement etc) and TV shows (Likely Lads, Byker Grove Spender etc) have been filmed in whole or part in the region,  this would be (possibly) the first dedicated facility for large scale film production in the region.

Apprenticeship Funding
This was announced before Christmas but for those who missed it, Tees Valley Combined Authority is expanding the scope of its apprenticeships grant to support more small to medium employers take on apprentices.   The grant is linked to the Combined Authority's priority sectors and encourages higher level apprenticeships. The Government's Apprenticeship Grant for Employers ended in February 2018.

The number of apprenticeship starts in England fell by over 100,000 in 2017/18. In Tees Valley there were 3,000 fewer starts.. For the full 2017/18 report on apprenticeships, click here.

Business News
Not all business news is about direct employment opportunities. The sources we use also have stories about investment, business start-up, business growth etc. These stories may give you and your customers/students ideas about the different types of work that are available in the region.  These are just some of the sources:

Plus the news sections of your local newspapers. An example is this story about the companies to watch in 2019.

Testing 123
This is a bit of a test of a simple 'interactive' map which uses the BRES data from 2018, to show the differing rates of employment in manufacturing work around England. The darker the shade the higher rate of manufacturing employment. Still seems to be more of a northern thing.

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Friday, January 4, 2019 - 14:00