LMI Bulletin (Issue 476)

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LMI Bulletin (Issue 476)


Online retailer Boohoo has announced that it has bought Dorothy Perkins, Burton and Wallis, all part of the Arcadia retail group which has gone into administration. This follows last week where Asos bought Arcadia's other leading brands, Topshop, Topman, Miss Selfridge and HIIT. Unfortunately Boohoo are only purchasing the online brand and business, meaning that around 2,450 jobs will be lost.  The story for 2020 was that the volume of sales fell overall but most markedly in clothing stores and fuel whereas online and other non-store retail grew 32% in 2020.


We have noticed a few announcements about house building this week, perhaps a positive sign for the construction sector. This includes 184 new homes in Callerton Newcastle, 75 homes in Stockton, due to be built this autumn and plans for a 300 home development in Gateshead has received permission.

As it is National Apprenticeship Week, here is a link to find out more about apprenticeships in the construction sector.

Jobs Density
Jobs density data is published annually and for some reason always looks back a couple of years. The latest looks back to 2019 and what it is, is the total number of filled jobs in that area divided by the the total number of residents of working age who: work in the area plus workers of working age who commute out of the area to work in other areas plus those who are unemployed or economically inactive of working age  ('the residents') 

The chart shows these ratios for the regions of England and the local authorities in the North East and Cumbria. So while in London and Newcastle, there is, or was, more than one job per resident, in South Tyneside there was 0.5 of a job per resident.  

Ignoring the City of London, which has over 100 jobs per resident (hardly anybody lives there), the local authorities with the highest jobs density are in London (Westminster, 4.35, Camden 2.11 etc) with Aberdeen in 7th and Milton Keynes 8th. The authorities with lowest job densities are East Dunbartonshire 0.46, East Renfrewshire 0.43 and Lewisham 0.40.  Job densities are related usually to the travel to work activity and is usually higher where where there is a higher inward flow that outward, for example Aberdeen. 

AI Recruitment Software
Interesting article around the use of AI software in recruitment. The article states that companies such as McDonalds, PWC, Kraft Heinz and JP Morgan use these recruitment methods, therefore it is worthwhile getting a better understanding of what these are. 

National Apprenticeship Week

Below are links to some useful resources to support your National Apprenticeship Week activities:

Higher and Degree Vacancy Listing for 2021/22 Recruitment
This Higher and Degree Vacancy Listing from the National Apprenticeship Service showcases hundreds of vacancies from various employers starting in 2021 and 2022. 

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