LMI Bulletin (Issue 472)

Produced by the LMI Team at Education Development Trust 

LMI Bulletin (Issue 472)

Job News

Recruiter article which highlights the shortage in HGV Drivers. Brexit, an ageing workforce and training costs are all reasons stated as contributing to this shortage.


The current Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme aka furlough has been extended to the end of April and means employers with a PAYE scheme can claim 80% of an employee’s usual salary for hours not worked, up to a maximum of £2,500 per month. The latest data on the job retension scheme was released on the 24th December and this provided data on furloughed employments upto the end of October 2020.  From its peak in May when almost 9 million, or one third of UK employees, were on furlough, at the end of October the number was down to 2.4 million - around 8% of employees. 

  • The two sectors with most staff employments furloughed are accommodation and food services with 601,400 and wholesale and retail 356,400
  • In total, 28% of UK employers still had some staff furloughed  
  • In the North East there were 70.400 staff employments furloughed
  • The rates of furloughed employment across the regions are broadly similar, around 6%, including the North East . London has the highest rate at 10%
  • The age groups with the highest rates of furlough are the youngest and oldest employees - under 18s and 65+ at 11%, followed by the 18-24s at 9%.

Open Days
Colleges and Universities are advertising their open days so worth looking out for the next ones at your local FE and HE institutions.

Engaging parents in careers guidance
The Gatsby Foundation and the Careers and Enterprise Company have worked together with Careers Leaders to produce resources and best practice to support parental engagement in careers.

New Turing Scheme
A new Turing scheme, worth £100 million has been launched to replace the UK’s previous participation in Erasmus+. The scheme will provide funding for around 35,000 students in universities, colleges and schools to go on placements and exchanges overseas, starting in September 2021.

The Future of Work Guide NCW2021
Guide produced by Mark Preen for National Careers Week 2021. The guide has been produced as a resource to support Careers Advisers and Teachers understand the future of work. The Fourth Industrial Revolution, Automation and what individuals can do to prepare for this is explored.

UCAS extends 2021 application deadline
Applications for all UCAS Undergraduate courses, except those with a 15 October deadline, should be submitted by 29 January 2021. This has been extended from 15 January due to Covid 19 restrictions.

Tackling single parent poverty after coronavirus
Report written by Gingerbread and Learning and Work Institute which explores the impact that the pandemic has had on single parents. 

The report sets out a four point plan to try and tackle this impact:

  • Provide high quality employment and skills support for single parents, through Jobcentre Plus and career coaching, to help them find good quality work;
  •  Support the creation of high quality flexible and part time jobs, including through requiring jobs to be advertised as flexible by default;
  • Improve childcare support to remove this key barrier to single parent families;
  • Ensure our social security system provides sufficient and effective support, to address the challenges single parents say that they face in Universal Credit, such as the five-week wait.

During the pandemic, ONS has been using the Adzuna jobs board as an indicator of the health of the jobs market. The latest figures show the difference between the amount of postings at the end of 2020 and the same week in 2019. As can be seen, overall vacancies were at around 77% of the 2019 figure (the red bar) albeit some sectors/occupational areas were in fact higher - domestic help (must be savings on holidays), construction, manufacturing, logistics and part-time/weekend work. Unsurprisingly catering/hospitality is at the lowest but also much lower is graduate recruitment. 


Bulletin date: 
Monday, January 11, 2021 - 14:30