LMI Bulletin (Issue 471)

Produced by the LMI Team at Education Development Trust 

LMI Bulletin (Issue 471)


Retailer, Dunelm is creating 50 jobs with the opening of a new store on the Team Valley in Gateshead this week (Bdaily). 

Planning permission has been granted for a 4.5million sq ft of state-of-the-art offshore wind manufacturing space on the site of the former SSI steelworks in Redcar, which will also create 1,000 construction jobs during the eight-year build programme.  In the long term the prospects are that the site will provide 8,000 jobs. To provide skills development for the jobs, the Teesworks Skills Academy will be led by the Education Training Collective (Etc), which includes Stockton Riverside and Redcar and Cleveland Colleges. These will be joined by Darlington, Middlesbrough and Hartlepool FE Colleges and Teesside University and the Learning Curve Group to help deliver the academy.


Adults to gain new skills on 400 free courses
400 courses will be available to adults without a full qualification at Level 3 (A-level equivalent) from April 2021 to help them gain in-demand skills and open up further job opportunities. This was announced by the Prime Minister as part of the governments Lifetime Skills Guarantee. Details of the courses included can be found here.

A jobs crisis in the cultural and creative industries
A report which explores the impact of the pandemic on the cultural and creative sector. Findings include, in the six months following the beginning of lockdown,  the sector has seen: 

  • A collapse in working hours across the creative industries
  • 55,000 job losses (a 30% decline) in music, performing and visual arts 
  • Significantly higher than average numbers of people leaving creative occupations compared to previous years. 

Get into Teaching - Events
Get into Teaching have a variety of events, many of which are virtual. Useful to signpost anyone considering a career in teaching to.

Destination data
This is the destination data for leavers from Key Stage 4 and those completing their 16-18 study in 2017/18 and where they went in 2018/19. 

  • For Key stage 4 - 94% of pupils were in a sustained education, apprenticeship or employment destination, unchanged from the previous year
  • 6% of pupils went to a sustained apprenticeship destination in the North East, South West and Yorkshire and the Humber, - this is 2% above the national average
  • 81% of students who reached the end of 16 to 18 study in state-funded schools and colleges in 2017/18 had a sustained education, apprenticeship, or employment destination in the following year. The figure was unchanged form the previous year
  • the North east saw the biggest proportion of leavers from 16-18 study progressing to apprenticeships - 13% of leavers in the North east had a sustained apprenticeship destination, 4 percentage points above the national average.

Population profiles for local authorities in England
Interactive charts from ONS which lets you compare a local authority against other areas. The tool lets you explore:

  • population
  • ethnicity
  • employment
  • industry
  • those in key worker occupations
  • deprivation.


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Monday, December 14, 2020 - 15:15