LMI Bulletin (Issue 469)

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LMI Bulletin (Issue 469)


Halfords has announced that they are recruiting for an additional 1,100 temporary jobs for the festive season following an increase in demand for bikes. (Retail Gazette). Halfords' jobs are advertised on their careers website https://careers.halfordscareers.com/en/listing/.

The Green Energy Advice Bureau, based in Newcastle Business Park have also announced that they will be creating around 100 new positions between now and 2021 (Bdaily). The roles that they will be recruiting for are 'Energy Consultants' and 'Lead Generators'. The Lead Generator role is currently advertised on the company's website, so you can learn more here.


International trends and global innovation in career guidance 
In this article, Dr Deirdre Hughes provides a summary of a report which has been published by the European Training Foundation (ETF). The report 'International Trends and Innovation in Career Guidance' highlights the skills which are going to be important going forward. These include digital and social-emotional skills. In todays labour market where the world is changing  extremely quickly, it is useful that we are aware of what these future demands look like and how we can encourage our customers to adapt and remain competitive in the labour market. The full report can be accessed here.

The role of labour market information in guiding educational and occupational choices
Another piece of research, this one is an OECD working paper, an international study looking at the value of careers and labour market tools in helping school aged students make informed choices.  The view that sites are not enough to make decisions is reassuring and its review is rather limited but may be a helpful, relatively short, piece of research to look at  for anyone doing their IAG studies. Also like the French translation of LMI - informations sur le marché du travail.

The ten point plan for a green industrial revolution
Launched this month, the ten point plan sets out  the Government's plans to invest in green technologies and 'build back better' following the coronavirus pandemic which has impacted on the economy this year. The plan includes focussing on:

  • advancing offshore wind
  • driving the growth of low carbon hydrogen
  • delivering new and advanced nuclear power
  • accelerating the shift to zero emission vehicles
  • green public transport, cycling and walking
  • ‘jet zero’ and green ships
  • greener buildings
  • investing in carbon capture, usage and storage
  • protecting our natural environment
  • green finance and innovation.

Apprenticeship Hub website
Rate my apprenticeship have a useful website, 'Apprenticeship Hub' which is designed for teachers, career leaders and career advisers. Lots of resources on the site including posters which may be useful to our colleagues in schools. 

Apprenticeship and Traineeships 2019/2020
This is the publication of the final figures for apprenticeships and traineeships in 2019/20 - that's August 2019 to July 2020. From a readability point of view, this new publication is significantly easier to read and to pick up the headline information in this new format. There are many aspects to these figures which people will be interested in and these are just a few comments:

  • Apprenticeship starts were down by 18% compared to 2018/19
  • Almost half of starts (46.8%) were by those aged 25+ 
  • Almost two thirds of starts (64.9%) were levy funded 
  • During the period since the start of lockdown (23 March to 31 July 2020), there were 60,860 starts - a 45.5% drop compared to the same period in 2018/19
  • Business, Administration and Law-related subjects accounted for 29.3% of starts. This, and the next three most popular sector subjects:
    • Health, Public Services and Care;
    • Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies; and,
    • Retail and Commercial Enterprise

accounted for four fifths (81.2%) of starts in 2019/20.


The Virtual Franchise and Business Opportunity Show  is taking place between 30th November and 2nd December this year. Useful for anyone considering this type of self employment. To attend virtually, individuals can register for a free ticket. This months Pathfinder Magazine has an article on franchise, specifically written for veterans.

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Monday, November 30, 2020 - 11:00