LMI Bulletin (Issue 463)

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LMI Bulletin (Issue 463)

Job News

Famous from the shipping forecast (if you are up early), Dogger Bank is to become famous as the world's largest offshore wind farm. The three phases are all over 130km offshore so well out of view but Able Seaton Port in Hartlepool is confirmed as the marshalling base for service equipment, installation and commissioning activities – with the creation of 120 new skilled jobs during the construction phase and a further 120 skilled jobs to be based offshore and at the Port of Tyne for Operations and Maintenance of the wind turbines.  

Christmas recruitment has always been a source of temporary work for many and although high street retail may not be where it normally is, there are still announcements of temporary work

  • Amazon is advertising for fulfillment associates at its Darlington site - fixed term until 9th January 2021 and likewise at the Durham site
  • Yodel has said it will be looking for 3,000 additional workers across the UK
  • Beelivery has been around for five years and according to Retail Times are the largest on demand grocery service. They use crowdsourced delivery drivers (which i think means that you are freelance). They are looking for seasonal delivery staff 
  • The major grocers are continuously recruiting. A look at a sample of the job and career sites show some temp positions but also many more permanent roles  -  Sainsbury's, Tesco , Asda,  Iceland , Aldi - Ps In the battle for your grocery money ( and in Aldi's case a lot more random items) Aldi is saying that is is planning on more stores and therefore more jobs in the next 12 months. It is also expanding its online service.


Post 18 Education
Yesterday, the Prime Minister announced a number of measures to improve flexibility and access to skills for the post-covid economy. These include more flexible loans for students in FE and HE to spread learning over a longer peiod, measures to improve SME's apprenticeship takeup and from April 2021, adults without Level 3 qualifications will be able to access free fully funded college courses - the Lifetime Skills Guarantee. Also 62 courses are being added to the online Skills Toolkit 

BBC Bitesize Careers
Is now officially our favourite source of information after it put up this piece about the value of Labour Market Information in helping you find work. It may be short but it is recognition.

Driver shortages
It's a given that delivery work has become synonymous with the changes in the last six months.  However, Berry Recruitment has issued a warning that their continues to be driver shortages and that these are being exacerbated by the lack of EU nationals. The vacancy data (using the Burning Glass Labour Insight software) suggests that demand for drivers in the North East in August was at its highest since 2013. 

Vacancy Changes
I know you may think that there can't be more ways to tell bad news but this graphic from ONS uses a slightly different approach to show how the vacancy changes have affected different sectors in the UK. The values are for the UK and show the number of vacancies per 100 employee jobs - in June to August 2019 there were 2.7 vacancies per 100 employee jobs, this is now down to 1.4.   What it says is that in terms of demand for labour, no sector is better this year than it was last year - even transport and health vacancies are down - but some have clearly fared much worse - services in general but hospitality and arts particularly. Even the number of IT jobs is much lower. The fact is that people are competing for fewer jobs.  To see this and other visualisations on the impact of the coronavirus see here.

The impact of lack of work opportunities is possibly most felt by the 16-24 whose livelihoods are more dependent on the retail and hospitality sectors (chart taken from an ONS report on the long term changes in the UK labour market for young people).



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Tuesday, September 29, 2020 - 08:30