LMI Bulletin (Issue 462)

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LMI Bulletin (Issue 462)

Job News

Longer term prospects for 60 hospitality and retail jobs in Hexham as Esh Construction has a contract to develop the former nuclear bunker (i didn't know they had one) into a Travelodge hotel and Lidl supermarket (BDaily)

The Port of Tyne has announced 34 potential redundancies as a result of a significant downturn in activity as a result of the coronavirus pandemic (Chronicle Live)

The demand for work in some activities is easier to explain than in others. Domino's Pizza is looking for more workers including 1,000 under the Kickstart scheme as  people continue to order in food (possibly since the end of the eat out to help out scheme). However so are SCS who say they have 150 vacancies across the UK  for say they have had a massive increase in orders for sofas. (Business Live)

It was announced last week that DWP will be taking on thousands more Work Coaches with a plan to double the numbers by March 2021. For details look at the Job Help site ,


Labour Market Overview
Most will have seen the news earlier this week about the rise in unemployment in the UK and the particular impact on the 18-24 age group. The latest employment and unemployment figures from ONS is for the period May to July 2020 and some of the key points for the UK and North East are shown below. For Cumbria we will have to wait until 13th October when the data is released at a local authority level. 

Unemployment in the UK went up by 62,000 and is at 1.4million. After the financial crisis of 2008, unemployment peaked at 2.7 million towards the end of 2011

Unemployment in the North East is at 68,000 - there was no increase on the previous quarter. At its peak post 2008, unemployment stood at 141,000 in early 2012. The North East still has the highest rate at 5.2% (nb the unemployment rate is the proportion of people aged 16 or over who are in work or actively looking for work (aka the economically active), who are unemployed)

Employment levels are still fairly stable with ONS acknowledging that the methods used may not be able to detect the fluctuations in the labour market. What the figures show is that employment in the North East is at a record high of 1,251,000.  

The claimant count in the North East increased in the last month and is 52,000 higher than it was in March

In Cumbria, the count was very slightly down in August from the previous month but still double what it was in March.

There has been no significantly higher increase in the claimant count in the 18-24 age group in the North East or in Cumbria

Vacancy data using the Burning Glass LabourInsight tool, shows that there were 13,625 advertised vacancies in the North East in August up from 11,895 in July. Some of the occupational areas which have seen increases in August compared to March are in construction, (539 advertised vacancies in August compared to 348 in March ) and transportation roles (417 vacancies compared to 294).

Durham Insight
This is an intelligence platform from Durham County Council providing public access to data and information on the county including housing, environment, health and wellbeing, crime, deprivation etc. From an LMI perspective there is an economy and employment section with a comprehensive set of data on the county's economy. A recent addition is the post covid economy data which provides data on the take up of the job retension scheme plus some some projections of employment and unemployment based on scenarios. As they say "These estimates should be regarded as ‘what might be’ as there is significant uncertainty around the effects of this pandemic on the UK economy, given current governmental support and the measures proposed for the coming months".

Careermap publishes magazines of careers help for various audiences - this the latest is for parents but the link also has downloads for students and teachers and for graduates.

Bulletin date: 
Thursday, September 17, 2020 - 12:00