LMI Bulletin (Issue 461)

Produced by the LMI Team at Education Development Trust 

LMI Bulletin (Issue 461)


ONS Update
ONS continues its weekly updates on the indicators of the impact of the coronavirus on business and the economy. Some of the main points are

  • the proportion of working adults exclusively working from home has continued to decline, reaching 20% in the latest week (26 to 30 August 2020), compared with its high point of 38% between 11 and 14 June. 
  • 11% of the workforce remain on furlough (period 10 - 23rd August)
  • the number of online job adverts (21 - 28th August) remained at 55% of its 2019 figure. You can see from the charts below that adverts for vacancies in Health and Social Care is very similar to the 2019 figure whereas retail and hospitality are still significantly below where they were a year ago

Recruitment of ex-offenders
The Recruitment and Employment Confederation has produced a webinar for recruiters on the recruitment of ex-offenders. A useful guide for those unfamiliar with the issues and requirements. The goto site for information on supporting ex-offenders is Unlock

Plan for Jobs announcements
From 1 September, employers are able to claim upto £2,000 for each new apprentice they take on up to 31st January. This is for apprentices who are new to the business (not converts of existing employees).  The Kickstart scheme  is funding for employers who can offer 6 month placements to people aged 16-24 who are on Universal Credit. Employers will receive 100% of the relevant National Minimum Wage plus other associated costs, for 25 hours a week.

Returning to Schools and Colleges – Guidance on face-to-face working this autumn
The CDI have published guidance for those guidance staff working face-to-face this autumn. The paper draws upon government publications and the detailed work of other personal service and counselling organisations.

Parents’ and Carers’ Pack August 2020
Included in this month's pack is ‘Understanding apprenticeships in childcare’ and the benefits of choosing either an apprenticeship or traineeship.

Post-16 and Post-18 Choices Webpages
The National Careers Service has added content to their website specifically around post-16 and post-18 options.

Bulletin date: 
Tuesday, September 8, 2020 - 12:30