LMI Bulletin (Issue 458)

Produced by the LMI Team at Education Development Trust 

LMI Bulletin (Issue 458)

Job News

The new of jobs at risk is fairly constant - The Sage in Gateshead, TUI, Hays Travel, DW Sports etc. There are however still some notifications of job offers and stories with the hope of job prospects whether that is the 'build build build' from central government or local news stories e.g.. the Newcastle Quayside West development  (Bdaily) and the work going on at Teesworks - see below.

Adzuna the Jobs Board is showing 10,352 jobs in the North East  and Find Job is showing 2,280.  A couple of the larger scale recruitments in the last week are


Hospitality Industry
The Government's 'Eat out to help out' scheme started today to help encourage us to eat in (not at home) and thereby bring staff back to work in restaurants and pubs.  This is alongside the encouragement for businesses to return (safely) to their worplaces which will generate income for food outlets. 

If you look at the latest figures on the job retention scheme aka furlough, this shows that the take up rate in accomodation and food services by the end of June in the North East was 74%. That means almost three-quarters of the eligible 78,800 employments were or had been on furlough.   

A new name and new brand and if you watch the video at full volume on the Mayor's Facebook page a dramatic introduction to the UK's largest industrial zone.  If you scroll down the website, there is a link to register for information on job updates. 

Review of online learning
The move to online everything for many people has been the norm for the last four months and this included learning provision where possible. This is a short review by Ofsted of the online learning delivered by a small number of FE colleges as a lessons learnt report. The 'digital divide' as it is being called is certainly one of the issues - the quality of the technology and suitability of the environment for both learners and tutors.  The positives are similar messages to those heard elsewhere - the immediacy of response, the opportunity for privacy in communications between learner and tutor and the savings in travel costs and time. Interestingly some previously disengaged students became re-engaged.  And yes for all the possible frustrations of the technology, it seems it is still better to see and hear the live version of an online lesson than the recorded one.  


Bulletin date: 
Monday, August 3, 2020 - 16:00