LMI Bulletin (Issue 455)

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LMI Bulletin (Issue 455)

Job News

Over the weekend came the news of a doubling of the workforce in Britain's job centres (BBC). The £800m for 13,500 additional staff (feel sure this wont be a £59,000 salary) is expected to be one of the recovery measures announced this Wednesday by the Chancellor. If you look at Civil Service Jobs, you will see that DWP is looking for 200 people to train up as Work Coach Executive Officers for 12 month contracts based in Washington. 

The relaxing of restrictions on holiday accommodation in England from this weekend may result in opportunities for work in the tourism sector. Parkdean Resorts (headquarters in Newcastle) is reporting that they will be taking on 1,500 people in response to 'staycation' demand. 

Pret A Manger has announced that it will be closing 30 shops and making 1,000 job cuts. (BBC) 


This may not be new to some of you, but UniTasterDays (unitasterdays.com) is a directory of university events for school groups and individual students. The website also offer UniTaster Tuesdays which is a series of webinars online every Tuesday to support students considering university. The webinars feature different subjects and universities each week. 

Apprenticeship data
The latest apprenticeship and traineeships data from the DfE was published on the 25th June.  The data published in year is always provided with the caveat that these are not the final figures, with a likely under reporting.  Reporting on the period since the official lockdown, ttere have been 26,090 apprenticeship starts reported to date between 23 March and 31 May 2020, fewer than the 50,050 reported for this period at this point last year, a decrease of 48 per cent. The biggest falls are in starts by under 19 year olds and in intermediate apprenticeships.  

Apprenticeship vacancy figures from the Find an Apprenticeship service are also in the report,. These, as they say represent only a subset of the total number of vacancies available across the marketplace as many apprenticeships are not advertised through this service. Vacancies were already lower for 2019/20 than the previous year but adverts in April and May 2020 were 810 and 1,160, which compares to 7,990
and 9,480 in April and May 2019 respectively. 

Amazing Apprenticeships Parent Pack – June
This is the June’s Parents Pack from Amazing Apprenticeships which provides information including ‘Key questions during Covid-19’ and ‘How to search for an apprenticeship in the current climate’. They also have a schedule of a variety of webinars on offer for Careers Advisers and Teachers Amazing Apprenticeships Teacher and Careers Adviser Webinar Schedule and there are recorded sessions.

Firms in England will be offered £1,000 to take on a young person (16-24) under the traineeship scheme. The £111m (money is also being made availabe to the devolved nations) will amount to around 30,000 trainees. To put this in context, there were 14,900 traineeship starts in England during 2018/19[1] 

Resolution Foundation
There is more commentary on the economy and labour market than you can shake a stick at (not entirely sure where that comes from). The Resolution Foundation is one  source and this is their Q&A from a piece they wrote on the where we are in the labour market. Other places to look include IPPR , IES and for a 'place'based' approach as they say in geography the Centre for Cities .

If you can find 30 minutes to close your eyes then this is quite an intersting discussion on working from home.  The potential for more people to spend more time working at home might be good for productivity. Not all of the people all of the time.


  1. ^ https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/848534/FE_and_Skills_commentary_November_2019.pdf

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Monday, July 6, 2020 - 13:30