LMI Bulletin (Issue 453)

Produced by the LMI Team at Education Development Trust 

LMI Bulletin (Issue 453)

Job News

The news on the labour market is in plentiful supply and most of it worrying. If you want to see the details then the June ONS Labour Market Overview, then this is here.  However there are still good news stories which appear in the local press and business publications.

A retail and leisure development in Prudhoe is still in development and due to be completed in 2020 (BDaily)

A development (they used to be called buildings) in the Baltic Quarter fully funded by Gateshead Council and designed by local architects Ryder Architecture has been completed. This, it is hoped, will create hundres of new jobs (BDaily). One of the first residents is Northern Gas and Power which is in the energy management business and has said it will be creating 150 jobs (BusinessLive)

The Tees Valley Mayor and Combined Authority are supporting the creation of 100 apprenticeships. The money will be used to fund 100% of the apprentices’ wages in their first six months of employment, and 50% for the remainder of the apprenticeship, up to a maximum of two years.  Further information and the application form for the New Employer Grant for Apprenticeships is available here.

TSP Engineering in Workington is recruiting around 30 new people, resulting from increases in its order book (inCumbria)

The Education and Policy Institute has said that one consequence of the economic impact is that it believes that teacher recruitment and teacher numbers will be greatly improved as more graduates look to teaching as a future career and more teachers remain in their jobs (FENews)

This is a bit of a mixed story. Recruiter is reporting that financial institutions will be needing a lot more staff (upto 30,000), to deal with the expected demand from people having to deal with financial issues (Recruiter).


Youth unemployment
The impact on young people of the uncertainties in the labour market is being highlighted by many analysts. The expectation is that cutbacks in recruitment including apprenticeships, cutbacks on training and last in first out approaches to job cuts, all have a greater impact on young people, along with the potentially greater impact on sectors such as the arts, tourism, hospitality and retail which have higher rates of employment amongst young people. This piece by Anthony Mann and Ingrid Schoon suggests that the lesson learnt from 2008 should be used to respond to this.

Home insulation jobs
A reminder if we needed it, that the environmental issues we face havent gone away. This analysis by EEIG, an alliance of organisations in the energy efficiency business, is suggesting that it would be cheaper for the government to invest in training people to do home insulation installation than to do road maintenance. The differences it says are £59,000 for a home insulator compared to £250,000 for road maintenance work.  According to the authors, the win-win is a contribution to the  Government's 2050 net zero target and a means of generating thousands of jobs across the UK.

Unifest - a virtual guide to life in higher education
Universities in the West Midlands are putting on a virtual event to show prospective students what life in higher education is like. 

PwC’s virtual classroom sessions
PwC are launching a virtual programme open to students between years 10 and 13. To access the sessions, students should register in advance via the hyperlink above. Sessions on offer are as follows:

  • Wednesday 1 July           Understanding what we do (including entry routes and opportunities)
  • Wednesday 8 July           Our culture - what’s it like to work at PwC?
  • Wednesday 15 July         Personal impact and brand
  • Wednesday 15 July         Influencer session (for parents, carers and teachers)
  • Wednesday 22 July         My career story - hear from some of our ambassadors


Bulletin date: 
Monday, June 22, 2020 - 12:00