LMI Bulletin (Issue 429)

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LMI Bulletin (Issue 429)

Job News

Occado which announced it was setting up (online) shop in Sunderland a while back, has announced it has now launched its recruitment of 300 people (Bdaily)

The operators of Lane7 in Newcastle are opening a family oriented entertainment at  the Star Bowl at Royal Quays in North Shields.  They say  this will create around 25 new jobs

It is reported (BBC News) that the collapse of Thomas Cook will affect 9,000 staff in the UK and 22,000 worldwide. 


Apprenticeship Standards and Occupational Maps
The Institute for Apprenticeships is the keeper of the Occupational Maps. This came out of the Sainsbury's Report and the development of a simplified description of the routes to employment in 15 occupational areas.  The interesting thing is that it shows all the occupations and their status in terms of apprenticeship standard from awaiting development to a published standard. Another way of showing the range of occupations available. 

Labour Market Overview  
It's only right that something called the LMI Bulletin shouldn't ignore the publication of the monthly Labour Market Overview.  A problem with stats is that there are often too many of them so its hard to retain. What might be worth retaining is:

  • 76.1% of 16-64 year olds are in paid work
  • 3.8% of the economically active (that's the total of those in work and those looking for work) are unemployed - this is the lowest since Nov-Jan 1974 (mind you inflation was at 17%)
  • Average regular pay, before tax and other deductions, for employees in Great Britain was estimated at £507 per week in nominal terms or £470 per week in real terms. Real terms takes into account inflation.   

Renewable Energy
On the day of a global climate strike, the Crown Estate which is the manager of among other property, seabeds around Britain, has announced that they have identified areas where bidders can take out long leases to create offshore wind farms. RenewableUK estimates that this will result in an additional 7GW of new offshore wind... which will support over 9,000 full-time jobs.  "The UK’s current capacity of 8.5GW of offshore wind provides over 8% of the UK’s annual electricity needs, and the projects already underway will raise our operational capacity to at least 30GW by 2030, generating at least one-third of the UK’s power".  The employment prospects from this announcement are long term but in terms of geography, it is worth noting where the new wind farms will be (scroll down the page). As in may industries, people have to move to where the work is.  

Nuclear Energy
Nuclear is not classed as renewable but it is responsible for 20% of our electricity generation[1]. What they have done here is very impressive. A map of their employment. Please share and see if any other industry can do the same. I suppose it may help that all power stations are run by one company - EDF Energy. 

Wheels to Work
More money has been put into the Tees Valley Wheels to Work scheme which helps people with travel for whom transport is a barrier to work. Managed by Redcar & Cleveland Voluntary Development Agency, the initiative offers scooters and electric bikes for hire for up to six months, as well as training and safety equipment. Details of the scheme can be found here

Job sites
A search on four job sites for all jobs in the North East today, produced these results:

Adzuna    15,484
Find a Job  3,574
Indeed       7,657
Total Jobs  5,136

No comment just curious. 


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Bulletin date: 
Monday, September 23, 2019 - 09:30