LMI Bulletin (Issue 422)

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LMI Bulletin (Issue 422)

Job News

A new care home is being built in Eston (Redcar) which will create 50 new jobs. The Meadowgate Centre is an intermediate care centre,which provides therapy for people discharged from hospital with the objective of preventing readmission.  The Centre will be run by Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council. (Bdaily)

Plans are being put before Sunderland Council for a retail development on the former site of Houghton Pit. The plans describe 90 new jobs in construction; 135 in the supply chain; and 215 in the retail units. NB - in 1921, the Houghton Pit employed over 2,000 people  (Bdaily)

Warburtons is potentially to close its Newcastle bakery with the loss of 100 jobs (BusinessLive)


University applications
The question of whether university is becoming more or less popular? The latest UCAS figures show that there has been a record rate of young people from the UK  who have applied to go to university. 39.5 per cent of all 18 year olds in England have submitted a UCAS application, up from 38.1 per cent at the same point last year, and a new record. However the rate has not increased in the North East. The number of 18 year old applicants from the North East has fallen by 1,000 since 2010. The big increase has come from London 18 year olds where the number of applicants has increased by 27 per cent since 2010. 

Apprenticeship or Degree
An article from a BBC business reporter which uses interviews with five fairly recent leavers who decided on the apprentice or graduate route. They say why they made their decisions and what happened next. I do like the geography graduate who plots badgers and bats on the HS2 route. 

Employment support for over 50s
This report from the Centre for Ageing Better adds to the body of knowledge about the over 50s and work. A specific point the authors make is the lack of research into the role, provision and effective use of adult-orientated information advice and guidance (IAG) in informing individual choice and pathways to extending working lives. Their view of mid-life careers reviews is that they are a good-thing however, at present, access to such provision outside of costly commercial services, for adults (of any age) in the UK is weak or severely constrained and it is not clear if and how the government’s Careers Strategy might address this. Yet evidence suggests that well-founded mid-life career reviews can play an important role in broadening perspectives and confronting challenges and signposting to services. 

Data Mining
The new mining is data mining. This is an example in the LMI field where a commercial company (Data City) has come up with their own approach to identifying the purpose of businesses which then allows them to create in their view more accurate records of the size of sectors. Their starting point is Companies House data which provides over 4 million companies which are then classified using what is available about the company from websites with a bit of manual intervention to improve the algorithms learning. The Tech Census report they have just produced, shows the size of the tech sector based on business numbers and events. Look here for the summary and to get access to the full report.

Technology Stories

  • This company in Newcastle has a faster connection to New York, 65 milliseconds, than is available from London, after being the first to be connected to the Stellium Network, a 40km metro fibre network that runs around the city. (BusinessLive)
  • Hyperdrive Innovation in Sunderland is the UK's largest independent battery pack manufacturing facility.
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Monday, July 15, 2019 - 09:00