LMI Bulletin 9/2/2018 (Issue 354)

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LMI Bulletin 9/2/2018 (Issue 354)

Job Gains & Losses

Quorn Foods in Billingham is investing and aims to take on a further 100 staff. The business says it will look to employ people from the Walkers factory in Peterlee who have the relevant skills. (Northern Echo)

The worlds largest offshore windfarm  Hornsea Project One is being constructed in the North Sea off the coast at Hornsea in the East Riding of Yorkshire.  Able UK on the Tees is part pf the process using its dry dock to store components for the bases. It hopes this will create new at least 6 new jobs. (The Northern Echo)

Accenture, the North Tyneside tech company, is recruiting for software engineer apprentices to start this Summer. 

Two recently opened restaurants in Newcastle City Centre - Cabana on Newgate Street and nearby American Rub Smokehouse have closed down.  Accommodation and food businesses have the lowest survival rate with only 34.6%  lasting for five years.. (ChronicleLive)


Tees Valley Newsletter
Tees Valley Combined Authority has published its latest newsletter - this time on the subject of digital skills.

Improving LMI 
Since 2014, all employers with a Pay As You Earn (PAYE) tax scheme have been required to report to HMRC every time an employee is paid. The system covers around 2.3 million PAYE schemes and around 45 million employees and pensioners. This is described as Real Time Information (RTI). The data potentially provides a more accurate picture of the employment and earnings of employees covered under PAYE. ONS is introducing this data over the next two years.

Following Carillion's liquidation, the official receiver's latest employment update describes that 2,250 jobs have been saved and 930 people have been made redundant.  The Government has provided £100m to the British Business Bank to lend to small businesses which may not have the assets to secure hight street bank loans.

Graduate Internships
ERDF funding is being used to support internships at universities in the North East LEP area. If eligible, a business could receive up to £3,500 towards the graduate’s salary, when the organisation commits to paying a minimum of £17,000 for the year.. Click here for details of the internships at Sunderland University and Northumbria University

Where most people work
Having heard a few times that more people work for small to medium sized employers, we asked ONS for data on the numbers of people in employment in VAT and/or PAYE based enterprises (the term used to describe a legal entity).

The employment total for the 2.6 million businesses with fewer than 250 employees is around 14 million. For the 9,805 businesses with 250 or more employees, the employment total is 16.4 million.  More people work for a small number of larger employers.

The chart below shows the number of businesses (blue bars). in the different employee size bands and the employment levels (the red dots) in each of the bands. 


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