LMI Bulletin 2/2/2018 (Issue 353)

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LMI Bulletin 2/2/2018 (Issue 353)

Jobs Gains & Losses

Plans to expand Aycliffe Business Park in County Durham are close to being submitted. The LEP has provided funding for the site expansion. It is hoped this will create further private sector investment and there is potential to accomodate a rail freight interchange on the site. On completion the site would be the largest business park in the North East and 3200 jobs could be created (Bdaily).

Following disapointing Christmas sales, Marks & Spencer are closing six stores by April, one of which is Durham. A further eight stores are earmarked for closure. This could lead to hundreds of job losses however some staff are being moved to local stores where possible (BBC).


Internships - Unpaid, unadvertised, unfair
Research undertaken by the Sutton Trust explores internships, finding that there continues to be many internships which are unpaid and also not widely advertised. This can disadvantage many individuals, meaning that some internships are only accessible to those who are well connected and who can afford to work for free.

New degree course at Teesside University
Teesside University has launched a new degree - BSc (Hons) Animal Science and Welfare in conjunction with East Durham College. The university is currently recruiting for its first September cohort onto the course.

DBS basic criminal record checks
The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) has introduced basic criminal record checks for people in England & Wales. This replaces the service previously provided by Disclosure Scotland. As of the 17th of January 2018, this service was opened to individuals online.

What the future holds
A couple of very different reports looking at the future of work. A glossy piece from PWC  Workforce of the future. The competing forces shaping 2030 presenting a global view. The report states that depending on the extent to which society moves in a more collective or individual, small or corporate directions, will affect how the workplace evolves and how this will affect employment prospects and future working lives. (Also why you should buy your services from PWC to help you cope with this).  

The other is from Centre for Cities - Cities Outlook 2018 which includes a report on the impact of AI and technology on the size of the workforce in the towns and cities (primary urban areas) of Britain.  You can follow their methodology and see if you agree with the outcome which is that the jobs most affected will be in these occupations 

Sales assistants and retail cashiers (19.5% of jobs at risk in cities)
Other administrative occupations 11.0%
Customer service occupations 9.0%
Administrative occupations: finance 7.0%
Elementary storage occupations 6.6%

the cities which are more likely to be affected are in the midlands and north of Britain therefore further increasing the north south divide. 

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Monday, January 29, 2018 - 10:45
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