LMI Bulletin 17/08/2018 (Issue 380)

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LMI Bulletin 17/08/2018 (Issue 380)

Job Gains and Losses

Keep a look out for BT as they have announced that they will be ending customer service contract positions and moving to employees only with all calls answered in the UK and Ireland by 2020. Initially existing contracted staff will be offered employee positions - the sites they have mentioned where appointments will be made includes South Shields (Recruiter)


A Level Results
A level results produced the usual concerns about grade inflation. The percentage of candidates receiving A grades has certainly increased as this graph taken from the BBC site shows.  26.4% of the most recent entries scored an A or A* . What it means is less clear.

Older workers leaving the workforce
An article by Lindsay Cameron which suggests that older workers are pretty keen to leave work before their pension starts. Apart from the desire to get on with life after work, there are various reasons suggested such as 

  • They don’t want to be invisible, labelled as or treated as ‘older'
  • Work is not giving them what they need. Twenty-seven per cent believe their employer values youth above experience and knowledge
  • They’re not happy. Only 14% say workplace culture is positive towards them.

Of course this assumes a reasonable pension is available and that this is available reasonably early (see WASPIs).  

Qualifications in the Engineering Sector
A report from March from SEMTA in response to the move to end point assessment and mandated qualifications only in the apprenticeships standards. Their discussion with employers suggests that qualifications are still in demand in advanced manufacturing - mainly for health and safety. Its hard to imagine any employer saying they would not either prefer or use qualifications as part of their recruitment assessment. However apprenticeship standards are new and employers are involved in their development.

The survey also picked up that there was relatively low levels of recruitment expected in engineering and manufacturing in the next 12 months.

JB Skills 
FE Week is reporting that JB Skills in Sunderland is on the verge of closing down. JB Skills Training Limited, based in Sunderland, is in talks about bringing in the administrators, according to its managing director Dave Macmillan.He told FE Week it was “highly likely” the provider would be closing down within weeks.


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Friday, August 17, 2018 - 12:00