LMI Bulletin 16/02/2018 (Issue 355)

Produced by the LMI Team at Education Development Trust 

LMI Bulletin 16/02/2018 (Issue 355)

Job Gains & Losses

Vroom, based at the North Tyneside Retail Park has opened a new Motordepot service centre, creating 40 new jobs. Motordepot advertise vacancies at: https://www.motordepot.co.uk/careers (The Chronicle)


North East packaging firm, Encore Envelopes, has bought Great Northern Envelope Company after it fell into administration. Consequently Encore have saved  the jobs of 129 workers (Business Durham).

AkzoNobel officially opened its new Dulux brand paint making factory in Ashington in September 2017. It is the centre of the Dulux paint making world and is described as the 'world's most most sustainable factory. It' apparently makes enough Dulux for everyone in the UK to repaint their living room, bathrooms and bedrooms.  Might send that in to More or Less to factcheck.

Higher and degree apprenticeship vacancies
The ESFA have produced a listing of higher and degree level apprenticeship vacancies starting in 2018. Firms advertising vacancies in our area include, Accenture for Digital and Technology Solutions Degree Professionals, EY for Business Apprenticeship Tax and Business Leadership and Management Practice; Rolls Royce for Materials Laboratories Degree Apprenticeship.

Trends in self-employment in the UK
There are 2.76 million more people in employment in the UK than in 2011[1] . This increase is made up of 2 million more employees (an 8% increase) and nearly 800,000 more people who are self-employed (a 20% increase).  This is a quantitative report from ONS which looks at the characteristics and income of the self employed. 

  • the increase in self-employment has been driven by those who work on their own or with a partner but no employees.  
  • the distribution of self-employed income appears centered around £240 a week, much lower than that for employees, which is around £400 a week
  • growth in self-employment has been driven mainly by those who have a degree (or equivalent) 
  • amongst men, the increase has been in part-time self employment 
  • self-employment has grown in the North East (as it has in all regions). However it has the smallest percentage of self-employed amongst all those in employment.

This could suggest that this increase is less to do with a growth in entrepreneurialism and more a need for, or opportunity for, supplementary income for instance amongst students and the over 65s.

On a related note, the Government has responded to The Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices which looked at the relationship between workers and employers in the gig economy and other 'atypical' working contracts. The Government is introducing some measures to help enforce vulnerable workers’ rights, such as holiday and sick pay and a new right to a payslip for all workers, including casual and zero-hour workers. Many other issues are being considered in four further consultations as the Government considers how it manages the balance of workers rights while retaining a flexible labour market. 

Choices, choices.....Why do firms use agency workers?
Publication produced by The Resolution Foundation which presents the responses of 500 human resources decision makers in private UK firms who use agency workers. Findings show that the majority of firms use agency workers for shorter amounts of time as a 'stop - gap'. Around one third of firms however use agency workers as a more strategic approach, often to fill specific roles.


  1. ^ Sep-Nov 2017, Labour Force Survey, ONS

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Friday, February 16, 2018 - 12:30