LMI Bulletin 11/05/2018 (Issue 367)

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LMI Bulletin 11/05/2018 (Issue 367)

Job Gains & Losses

Thérapie Clinic is opening its first outlet in England at the Metro Centre. The company will take on 20 staff over the next 12 months to provide laser hair removal, botox and advanced skincare treatment (Bdaily)

BT is losing 13,000 jobs in the UK (9,000) and abroad.  The jobs lost will be in management and back office functions and will result in closure of 20 of the 50 offices in the UK. They have also said they will be recruiting to engineering and customer serrvice roles as they continue the rollout of fibre broadband. (Personnel Today)

...did you know that Charles Clinkard opened its first store in Middlesbrough in the 1920s? It is probably about time but it is now investing £15k in the shop, now one of 30 around the country (Bdaily)  


Hospitality Careers
Unfortunately we were unable to run our LMI session on the hospitality sector however this is latest careers guide from The Caterer (the foremost publication for the food and drink sector). There is also a report on recruitment from The Caterer HR Forum 2018. 

Older workers consider leaving work
This report from the Centre for Ageing Better warns employers of the risks of losing their workers aged 55 and over, if they don't respond to their health problems.  As a rule older people have more health conditions whether they are in work or not, however the issue raised in the report is the extent to which employers are or are not responding to them and if not then risking employees choosing to leave work sooner than they would have done.

  • 19% (or 231,500) of the people in work in the North East are aged 55 and over
  • using the reports figure of 23% of 50-64 year olds with two or more long term conditions, this would be around 53,000 workers in the regiion falling into this category.

GCSE Factsheets
Updated factsheets for employers and parents explaining the new GCSE grading scale, including the standard and strong pass marks and what this means for students, schools, parents and employers,  The new grades started last year for English and maths GCSEs. This year will be added many of the most popular subjects including art&design, sciences, computer science, history, geography and most languages. In 2019 the final few languages will complete the set.

Northumbria University Business Startup
Northumbria University has topped a table of the UK's universities, which shows the success of the businesses started up by its graduates. Businesses started by Northumbria University graduates bring in £30m more in 2016/17 than the next nearest university in the table.

Graduate Labour Market
On the subject of graduates employment, DfE has published its now annual statistics on employment and earnings of English-domiciled graduates and postgraduates compared to English domiciled non-graduates.  The report uses data from the Labour Force Survey and covers the period 2017.  The headlines for graduates (not including postgraduates) are:

  • Graduates had higher employment rates (87.5%) than non-graduates (71.1%)
  • The rate of high skilled employment was 65.5% for graduates compared to 22.2% for non-graduates (high skilled are occupations in SOC groups 1-3. Medium and low skilled are in SOC groups 4-9)
  • In 2017 the average, working age graduate earned £10,000 more than the average non-graduate

Health Sector Labour Force
Published back at the end of March, this is the latest quarterly update on the trends in the UK health sector. A neat little infographic accompanies it which you may find useful for presenting a summary of the main findings.


Bulletin date: 
Friday, May 11, 2018 - 12:00