LMI Bulletin 10/08/2018 (Issue 379)

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LMI Bulletin 10/08/2018 (Issue 379)

Job Gains & Losses

Restaurant chain Zapatista is opening up a new Burito Bar in Durham, creating around 15 new jobs. The chain currently has two restaurants in Newcastle (The Chronicle).

An advisory team has been appointed to work on plans for the development of 'The Whey Aye'. The plans are to build this on the Gateshead side of the river and, if it goes ahead, this would make it Europe's tallest observation wheel. The company World Wheel Company are taking the lead on plans and if approved, the development would take between 18 and 24 months to build, creating up to 550 jobs (Bdaily).

Gateshead plumbing merchant firm, Flame Heating Group are creating 60 new jobs after securing funding which will allow the company to expand and open new branches (The Chronicle).

A hotel development in Amble is nearing completion. The Amble Inn, which will be operated by a local pub business, The Inn Collection Group (ICG), is hoped to create 35 jobs. (Bdaily)


Amazing Apprenticeship website
Just a reminder to have a look at the 'Amazing Apprenticeship' website from time to time. They have lots of useful resources to support both your own and your customers knowledge on apprenticeships. We particularly like the case studies which bring apprenticeships to life and showcase some of the opportunities on offer.

National Student Survey 2018
This years National Student Survey had over 320,000 students responding. Overall it showed that 83% of respondents were satisfied with their higher education experience. The Office for Students acknowledge there is still more to do to improve this. The summary findings from this survey can be accessed here and on 30th August Unistats will publish the detailed findings - see below.

Unistats website
It is the time of the year when (prospective) students may be reconsidering choices or weighing up options as they receive their exam results. Unistats is a useful website as it lets the user compare official information about undergraduate courses including employment destinations and student experience. There is a video guide  which tells you more about the website.

Workforce Jobs
The latest concerns over a retail business (Homebase owner 'plans to close 60 stores' (BBC News)) made us look at the changes in the number of jobs across the the sectors. ONS Workforce jobs is the source of information on changes in jobs at regional or national level and the chart shows the change in the number of jobs by SIC code major grouping over the last 20 years. The big winners and losers are probably well known - manufacturing losing 80,000 jobs,and the public sector 8,000; health gaining nearly 50,000 and education 28,000. However, although retail (and wholesale) has shrunk, it is a relatively small amount so far.

In context, the number of jobs in the UK economy has increased by over 6,000,000 in the last 20 years - a 20% increase. In the North East, over the same period, there has been a growth of 84,000 jobs, an increase of 7.5%.


Bulletin date: 
Thursday, August 9, 2018 - 11:30